Environmental Philosophy with an international angle

From autumn 2014 Kulturstudier offer The history of Philosophy with environmental philosophy in Buenos Aires. The program qualifies as the obligatory Exphil topic in Norwegian bachelor degrees. With campus in Argentina and international lecturers, the students study the history of philosophy and tension in the South-American and European environmental ethics.

Finding new perspectives on the Norwegian environmental ethics
By studying The History of Philosophy with environmental philosophy in Buenos Aires taught by Argentinean and European teachers, the students get familiar with the challenges associated with development and ethical environmental issues from a South American and Argentine perspective. Argentina is one of the world's largest agricultural producers, has a growing mining industry and just like Norway it shares the joy of having oil and natural gas resources. By studying the commonalities and differences in ethical challenges and how these are handled, will gain new perspectives on both the distinctive Norwegian situation and environmental ethics in a larger perspective.

Academic and practical combinations
The History of Philosophy with environmental philosophy gives 15 credits. By combining this with studies in Spanish or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), you get a full-time. As a student in Buenos Aires, you also get to know our partner Amartya, and their efforts to promote sustainable development through education, awareness campaigns and social projects. Along with the social organization Nuevo Paradigma they develop Quinta Esencia, a knowledge center for sustainable development.


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