Experience the Argentinean pampas at Quinta Esencia

Our friends in non-profit organisation Amartya offers you to spend a week in the countryside the week before the classes begins in Buenos Aires. They call it the “Quinta Escencia-Experince”. We strongly recommend this experience since it has been very popular for previous students.

Quinta Esencia is an educational school for sustainability which promotes a culture of wellbeing that looks after both nature and people. The school is located at the pampas (close to Croronel Vidal) surrounded by horses, gauchos and pure nature. During the experience week you will be able to do practical work such as construction, maintenance, tree conservation or organic garden work, as well as enjoying the surroundings together with the other participants.

The price of the experience week is USD 450,- and it includes activities, accommodation, all meals and a course certification. Please contact Christian Tiscornia if you have any questions. It is cheaper for you to book the Quinta Esencia-Experience before the classes starts, so just send us an email if you want to book this.


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