Programme facts

  • Duration: One semester
  • Semester: Spring/autumn
  • Credits: 30 (15 + 15) ECTS equivalent
  • Examination: Examination in Argentina/academic paper
  • Programme fee: 6400 euro (5400 excl. accommodation)
  • State loans: Yes, in most European countries
  • Includes: Accommodation
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Academic prerequisitions: University eligibility

The History of Philosophy with environmental philosophy

The History of Philosophy with environmental philosophy in Argentina gives 15 credits. The subject provides students with an introduction to the history of philosophy. During this introduction, it is a pervasive focus on how the philosophy has shaped the perception of the human relationship to nature. Students will get an introduction to selected basic problems in philosophy and research. Central and influential contribution in the history of philosophy are analyzed and discussed. The topic focuses on the precursors to modern society, such as the development of science, scientific recognition and understanding. The overall realization students get, is used to explore how philosophy can work as an actor for change in a time of great challenges related to environmental issues.

Important themes

  • Philosophy and History of Science 
  • Ethics 
  • Philosophy of Science 
  • Argumentation Theory

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The History of Philosophy, is combined with one of the following courses:

Overall you will attain 30 credits

Here you can find an overview of possible course combinations

The structure of the semester

Self-study period: before you travel to Argentina, you are expected to get acquainted with the subject and to write a short assignment.

The main period: consists of four months of lectures, seminars, field trips, group assignment and written individual assignment/exam in Buenos Aires.

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Environmental Philosophy with an international angle

Norway is known for its strong tradition of nature and outdoor activities. Meanwhile Norway directly affects the global climate change through its oil extraction. This paradoxical situation characterizes the modern Norwegian society and make environmental philosophy a current field of study, says lecturer Martin Lee Mueller.

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Further studies

This course can be included in a university or university college bachelor or as part of an Argentinian bachelors degree at Universidad de San Martin.

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The application process

To apply for the courses you must be eligible for university training. 

Fill in the application form. If there are still places available we will send you an offer with an invoice for the deposit of 250 Euro. By paying the deposit you confirm your place on the programme. Leading up to the start of the programme we will keep you informed about the preparations for travel and studies.

Why study history of philosophy with environmental philosophy in Argentina?

  • You get a course that also explore the history of philosophy outside Europe
  • You will get an updated and international insight in environmental philosophy
  • You can also learn Spanish
  • You get to experience what it is like to live in a Latin American country
  • You meet people who have a different background than your own
  • You acknowledge that Europe is a community with its own culture
  • The literature gets closer to your own experiences
  • You feel that you can deal with new knowledge and new environments 

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