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To ensure that all our students are correctly insured throughout the semester, Kulturstudier arranges a group insurance with Gouda Travel Insurance. This insurance is mandatory for Nordic and German students, and costs NOK 3945 for six months. Students of other nationalities must buy their own study-abroad insurance.

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The group insurance Gouda offers our students compares well with other insurances. Whereas a full-year travel insurance only covers up to six weeks of traveling, the group insurance covers your stay at the study center and up to 70 days of solid traveling. Furthermore a full-year travel insurance will not include reimbursement of your study fees should you need to interrupt your studies. In addition it covers house hold contents, which a full-year travel insurance normally does not do.  Goudas insurances also cover extreme sports which other companies charge extra for. Credit card insurance policies will also have specific requirements as to when and what they will cover and will not cover study fee or house hold contents. 

Due to our agreement with Gouda you do not need to take out an individual insurance, unless it fails to cover your special needs. Should you already hold your own travel insurance, you can choose to terminate it or be additionally insured. 

By making sure all our students are insured through the same insurance policy, it is easier for the local staff to help when its needed. Gouda also has a 24 hours Nordic emergency hotline that helps both students and parents should anything happen.

Kulturstudier will distribute the invoice for the student insurance early December/June. If you would like to pay in advance, we will be happy to give you the account details.

The mandatory student insurance will cover you from December 15. to June 14 for the spring semester, and from July 15 to January 14. for the autumn semester.  You will then be covered at your study location and on your travel between your hometown and study location, for up to 70 days. As it is a group insurance (with discounts) these dates are set for everybody and not open to changes. The insurance payment is non refundable.


• It includes insurance for interrupted studies and will reimburse your study fee should you fall sick before you leave to study or need to end your studies early due to serious illness. Kulturstudier will not reimburse your study fee.

• It covers extreme sports such as climbing, diving and parachuting. 

• Accident- and travel illness insurance that covers necessary treatment and hospital stay abroad and transport home should it be medically necessary. 

• It covers house hold contents at your study location.

• When you are not at your study location it will function as a travel insurance for up to 70 days. Should you plan to travel for more than 70 days in one go, before or after the semester, you will need to buy an extension from Gouda.

• It also includes trip cancellation insurance for the flight, and covers your luggage. The trip cancellation insurance is active from the moment you are registered for the academic program, as long as you buy the ticket after registering for the program.

Should  you plan to bring especially expensive equipment; computer, phone or camera, it could be wise to buy an extra insurance from another insurance company.

Please don´t hesitate to get in touch with Kulturstudier should you have any queries.

About Gouda 

Gouda Travel Insurance, established in 1924, has sold travel insurances ever since 1952. Gouda has been represented in Norway since 1994, with an established Norwegian office since 2002. They have a long history of insuring Scandinavian students abroad, and the group insurance we have agreed on offers good conditions to a good price.

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