Practical information

Once you have secured a spot on one of our courses, we will continuously update you on the necessary academic and practical preparations you need to make. Below you will find some general information.

ECTS and eligibility

Kulturstudier cooperates with Oslo Metropolitan University, Universidad Nacional de San Martin in Buenos Aires, Argentina (UNSAM) and Universidad Internacional San Isidro Labrador, Costa Rica (UISIL). They hold the academic responsibility for the programmes and give the course credits that can be included in a bachelor degree at these or other universities or university colleges.

All the courses require university eligibility. For our courses in Ghana, Nepal and Vietnam (with Oslo Metropolitan University) you can check requirements pertaining to your country HERE.

The flight

You book your own flight tickets. Should you want assistance, our travel agent offers flights to all our study destinations. They can get you a seat on a joint arrival with fellow students or help you with individual tickets. You can contact them on


Kulturstudier can not give advise on vaccination. We encourage you to se seek advise from a vaccination clinic or your local GP.



If you are heading to Ghana or Vietnam, you need to apply for a visa before entry. Kulturstudier will send you an application form and the necessary information in due time. Skandinavians automatically get a 3 months visa upon entry at the airports in Nepal, Argentina and Costa Rica, providing you have the necessary return ticket.


Student insurance

Insurance is mandatory. You buy your own insurance and send a copy of the insurance document to Kulturstudier to show that you are covered for medical needs the whole semester.


Finances and budget

We are proud to keep the program fee at a level that a normal student economy can handle. As all our courses give 30 ECTS (or the equivalent) it is also possible to apply for student loans and scholarships in most European countries. In addition to the programme fee (that includes accommodation) you will need at least 3000 Euro for travel, books, pocket money and other expenses.



The majority of the literature will be gathered in compendiums that can be downloaded for free, and you can buy a print out version when you arrive at the study center. You will be informed in due time about which books you need to purchase.


The application process

Places are allocated on an ongoing basis as long as they are available. However, to give yourself sufficient time for both the academic and practical preparations you should decide at least 2 months before the courses begin at the study location; ie. July 1 for the autumn and December 1 for the spring.

If you are eligible to study at university level, and want to follow one or two of our courses, you should fill in the online application form. If we have an available spot on you preferred course, we will send you an offer. To confirm and reserve your place on the course you pay a 250 euro deposit. From then on you will receive consecutive updates and information on practical and academic preparations, such as visa application, course literature and what to bring.


Terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions


You can find more detailed country specific information linked to each of our study destinations:



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