Thrives among language ​​rebels and aestheticians

It was the Argentine Spanish that led Mossefin Ruud to Argentina and later Buenos Aires. Already a resident since many years,he is still fascinated by the vibrant language and the cultural and architectural diversity.

- I believe that Buenos Aires is a great place to live and study, in a city like this you are "spoiled for choice". There is an incredible diversity of people, culture and architecture, and it seems nearly impossible not be enchanted by something, say Mossefin Ruud.

He also highlights how Argentine society and language is constantly in change.

- I look at Latin America, in contrast to Europe. Here, on this continent, the history and culture is still changing. In contrast, the story of the "old Europe" is deeply written in its collective mentality, and the structures seem more solid or immutable. In Argentina, nothing is written in stone. In some cases this is also reflected in the language. I quite enjoy the somewhat rebellious attitude many have towards the language, which can quickly remove the joy and creativity in language learning. There must always be a balance between what is happening inside the language lab and what happens out in the streets.

It was the Latin American literature who guided Mossefin Ruud's interest south. After reading the Argentine Julio Cortázar's "Paradise", came the desire to read this and other Latin American novels in the original language. As it happened, his teacher at the following language course was from Argentina.

- Ultimately, the Argentine language was the key reason I went to and stayed in Argentina. It really has its own musicality, a temperament and aesthetic that really suits me. I began studying a licenciatura a Letras, at the University of Rosario 2002-2008, says Mossefin Ruud.

Since then he has worked as a Spanish teacher for Kulturstudier in Argentina, and has followed the development of the language for beginners and more advanced students.

- The students' performance during a semester depends very much on the level they are studying at. Obviously, if you are a beginner, the learning curve can be steep, but it's also what makes it one of the most rewarding learning experiences. At the higher levels, it is mather of developing a deeper understanding of the language you are already using. Those who study Spanish in BA has the best opportunity to get a close experience of the language and figure things out a lot faster than what you would  as a student in Scandinavia. When it comes to this type of learning, I am certain there is no satisfactory substitute for studying a language through its culture, he says.

Spanish has increasingly become a global business language and could be useful for your future career. For Mossefin Ruud it is also about aesthetics and extension.

- It is a beautiful and well-articulated language. The Spanish language allows a certain temperament, and has a dramatic feeling to it that may not be so pronounced in the Scandinavian languages. Meanwhile, it is very precise and logical. I also believe that it is a language that people with very different backgrounds can feel at home with, he concludes.

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