One of the striking facts about Argentina is the geographical and cultural diversity the country offers. You can experience the Andes, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, the Pampas and the beaches. Visiting the villages in the mountains, the football stadiums or simply enjoying the big city night you will hang out with a culturally mixed population of European immigrants and native people. 


Buenos Aires

The Capital Buenos Aires is a large, diversified, passionate and energetic port stretching along the Rio de la Plata. Talkative Porteños, as the residents are called, have a rich and diversified cultural identity, and the city is an interesting blend of styles. Tango bars, antique shops, bohemian neighborhoods, street markets and “beef” restaurants are some of the treasures you can find in the city.


The majority of the lectures will be held at Universidad Nacional de San Martin's campus in the centre of Buenos Aires, close to el Congreso. 

Reinvent yourself in Argentina

Studying abroad gives you a very special chance to explore your personality. If you want to try a new approach to your young life then Buenos Aires is the worlds best toolbox.

Find a new skill. A new lover. A new hobby. A new gang. A new view of life. We can be your platform.

Find hints of possible new styles, hobbies and meeting places available for your exploration in the blog entries from past students.

What is included in the price for your studies in Argentina?

  • You get the best Spanish courses Argentina can offer - with university credits
  • Exciting electives in sustainability, philosophy, history or literature
  • The best local and international teachers
  • Seminars, workshops and educational field trips.
  • You will also have cultural field trips in every course you take.
  • Our local staff is available for you as a safety net, giving you advice and assistance during your entire stay in Buenos Aires.
  • Cultural activities such as tango classes, football matches (River Plate, Boca jr.), wine tasting, rooftop barbeque, conserts, kayaking in the delta river and visits to local folkloric markets, and more, are organized during the semester


The programme fee includes accommodation, and students live in apartments and guest houses in the center of Buenos Aires. Two to four people share a room and the standard is rustic and charming. Single rooms are available. You are also free to organize your own accommodation and get a deduction in the fee. Food is not included in the programme fee, but you will have access to a kitchen and the city offers a wide variety of cafes and restaurants.

Travel in Argentina

Many students take the opportunity to explore the region before and after the study period. The studies and life in Buenos Aires will be the natural focus during the semester, but there will be opportunities for short weekend trips. Our collection of travel stories from previous students might awake the explorer in you.

Travel stories


Student blog

In the student blog you will find great photos and storys from student life in Argentina:

Living in the moment

During the weekend, Argentinians flock to the parks to enjoy their mate tea in the sun. In the homes and the traditional parrilla restaurants, the abundant barbeques, the Italian ice cream and the Malbec wine offer refreshing breaks from the city´s unkind beauty ideals.

Learn more about the culture in Buenos Aires.


As you know - when it is spring in Europe it is autumn in Argentina. Otherwise, the climate in Buenos Aires is similar to that in the South of Spain. During the autumn semester (their spring) it is a bit cold the first weeks and then it gets very nice. During the spring semester (their autumn) it is very hot in February and then March and April are the best months of the year. The below link will illustrate average temperature and precipitation throughout the year.

Find climate data on BBC Weather


You arrange your flights yourself. But we recommend that you buy flexible tickets. Plans often change when you make new friends. Many students decide to combine their studies with travelling before or after their study period. Our travel agent can organise joint departures for those who wish to travel with fellow students. If you have registered for a course you will receive more information on this in due time. You should not buy tickets before you receive a go ahead for this from Kulturstudier.


With Kulturstudier you can study in Argentina, with transferable credits, which will qualify for financing from many European state educational loan funds.

In addition to the programme fee (that includes accommodation) you will need at least 3000 Euro for travel, books, pocket money and other expenses.

Courses in Argentina

Facts on Argentina

  • Official name:

    Republica Argentina

  • Area:

    2.76 mill km² - the second largest country in South America

  • Population:

    46,621,847 (2023 est.)

  • Capital:

    Buenos Aires

  • Borders:

    Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay

  • Religion:

    Roman Catholic 62.9%, Evangelical 15.3% (Pentecostal 13%, other Evangelical 2.3%), Jehovah’s Witnesses and Church of Jesus Christ 1.4%, other 1.2% (includes Muslim, Jewish), other 18.9% (includes agnostic and atheist), unspecified 0.3% (2019 est.)

  • Language:

    Spanish is the official language; English, Italian, French and German are also spoken

  • GDP in USD:

    $21,500 per capita (2021 est.)

  • Currency:

    Argentinian peso (ARS)

  • Climate:


  • Life expectancy at birth:

    78,6% (2023 est.)

  • Literacy:


  • Population below poverty line:

    35.5% (2019 est.)

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