Why study with us?

Why study with us?

Kulturstudier has since 1997 made ​​it possible for more than 8,000 European students to study in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In cooperation with Norwegian and foreign universities we have been able to provide students with a simple application process, well-organized studies with high academic level and a platform to explore the world and themselves. 

Internationalization is a mantra in higher education, where students and employees are measured through their geographical and cultural reach. The perception is that larger scale and greater diversity, promote innovation and mastery. We have a natural urge to look far and wide, and often (but not always) return with a new perspective on our own traditions and ways of thinking. 

Many students want to study abroad, either a semester or a full degree. However, the threshold for conducting studies can be high, especially for students who are drawn to studies outside Europe, USA or Australia. The application process is complicated, and student life is often not accessible. Kulturstudier has done something about that!

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