Programme facts

  • Duration: One semester
  • Semester: Spring/autumn
  • Credits: 30 (in combination)
  • Examination: Examination in Argentina/academic papers
  • Programme fee: 6400 euro (5400 excl. accommodation)
  • State loans: Yes, in most European countries
  • Includes: Accommodation
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Academic prerequisitions: University eligibility

Argentinian history and culture

From the indigenious people´s experience of the Spanish colonialization, via revolution, civil war and dictatorship to democratic restoration and neoliberal hegemony. The course will provide an overview of the mayor processes that marked the historical development of this country, examining at the same time the strong bonds with the other Latin American nations and the complex relations with the major hegemonic powers.

Argentinian history and culture is combined with one of the following courses


Overall you will attain equivalent of 30 credits

The structure of the semester

Self-study period: before you travel to Argentina, you are expected to get acquainted with the subject and to write a short assignment.

The main period: consists of four months of lectures, seminars, field trips, group assignment and written individual assignment/exam in Buenos Aires.

Further studies

This course can be included in a university or university college bachelor or as part of an Argentinian bachelors degree at Universidad de San Martin.

Interview with Prof. Inchauspe about Argentinian Culture and History

In this way, once the course ends, each participant will have a broader view of the culture they were experiencing practically every day, but now with sociocultural concepts that make it more attractive.

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