Programme facts

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Credits: 30 (European Credit Transfer System)
  • Academic prerequisitions: University eligibility
  • Language of instruction: English/Norwegian

If you are studying development studies 1 in Vietnam, and then development studies 2 in Ghana  this corresponds to a full academic year of development studies and you can therefore choose to apply for the second year of the Bachelor's program in Development Studies at Oslo Metropolitan University. 

First academic year in Vietnam and Ghana

  1. semester: Development Studies 1, Vietnam
  2. semester: Development Studies 2, Ghana

The second and third academic year in Oslo and exchange

3. semester: In Oslo
4. semester: In Oslo. Optionally Argentina, Costa Rica, Nepal
5. semester: In Oslo. Optionally Argentina, Costa Rica, Nepal
6. semester: In Oslo. Bachelor essay

In Oslo the language of instruction is mainly Norwegian.

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