The course aims to provide students with a broader understanding of the current situation of climate change, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and how these issues are addressed by international organizations, local NGOs, and the media. In addition, the course provides an immersion into a sustainable environment.

Course topics

  • Sustainability in Latin America and Argentina
  • Democracy, public policies, the importance of institutions, and citizen participation
  • in sustainability.
  • Sustainable development goals and their implementation in Argentina and Latin
  • America.
  • Exploitation of natural resources in Argentina.
  • Climate change: its mitigation and how we adapt to it.
  • The role of developed and developing countries on the road to sustainability.

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Combine with Spanish language course

Literature is taught in Spanish language.

You study literature in combination with one of the three Spanish levels below: 

  • Beginner - Spanish 1 and pre-course 

  • Intermediate - Spanish 1

  • Advanced - Spanish 2

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