Course combinations in Argentina

Norwegian students can only choose among the three alternatives that include Spanish.

The European ECTS system for course credits is not applicable for Argentinian universities. Here course credits are devided into "horas". As there are no agreements between Europe and Argentina on how to translate horas to ECTS, each country needs to do their own conversions. An Argentinian course needs to contain at least 340 "horas" to be approved as a full term (30 ECTS) course.  Based on this, all our individual courses in Argentina equals 8,5 credits (except Argentinian History which equals 5.5 credits) and hence our combinations make up approximately 34 or 31 credits.

We cooperate with Universidad Nacional de San Martin (UNSAM), and it is UNSAM which holds the academic responsibility for all the courses and issues diplomas. All the courses we present in Argentina can be included in bachelors at this university. They can also be transfered to other universities and university colleges. An Argentinian bachelor is called Licenciatura or Grado and normally takes 4-5 years. All the courses we offer with UNSAM are no lower than at least the second year of the Licenciaturaen. 

Norwegian students should read information about NOKUT.

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