Programme facts

  • Duration: One semester
  • Semester: Spring/autumn
  • Credits: 30 (15 + 15) ECTS equivalent
  • Examination: Examination in Argentina/academic papers
  • Programme fee: 7500 euro (6500 excl. accommodation)
  • State loans: Yes, in most European countries
  • Includes: Accommodation
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Academic prerequisitions: University eligibility

What will you learn?

The course provides an introduction to Latin-American literature, from modernism to the present. Representative texts from different countries and genres, give the students an overview of main literary trends. This program provides insight into basic literary analysis. You learn to comment on the course literature and will be able to put this in the relevant literature historical context.

Combined with Spanish

You study Latin-American literature in combination with one of the three Spanish levels below and a course in Argentinian history

  • Beginner - Spanish 1 and pre-course 

  • Intermediate - Spanish 1

  • Advanced - Spanish 2

Learn more about Spanish courses here

More on the possible course combinations

In English or in Spanish?

Latin-American Literature is taught both in English and in Spanish. Latin-American Literature 1 is taught in English and Latin-American Literature 2 in Spanish.

Students and faculty come from many countries. If English is not your native language you will soon experience that your English skills improve rapidly. This will benefit you in future master studies and in your career, where the expectation is that you can perform as good in English as in the native language.

Read the full course description for level 1; level 2.

The structure of the semester

Self-study period: before you travel to Argentina, you have a four week self-study period where you start reading the curriculum.

The main period: consists of four months of lectures,  seminars, field trips, written assignments and oral and written exams. 

Read more about the run of the semester in the study guide

Interview with Prof. Inchauspe about Argentinian Literature

Literature is not only created by culture, but is a culture creator itself. Not only that: being a fundamental part of the life of a country, it is also where the different social views, fears, passions, and ideologies of a nation are catalyzed.

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The application process

To apply for the courses you must be eligible for university training. 

Fill in the application form. If there are still places available we will send you an offer with an invoice for the deposit of 250 Euro. By paying the deposit you confirm your place on the programme. Leading up to the start of the programme we will keep you informed about the preparations for travel and studies.

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